Palletways is the N° 1 Hub system for UK freight Deliveries and Collections. Palletways has more than 70 members, including Kay Transport, which enables us to deliver anywhere within the country on a Next Day service.

The Palletways system works by receiving all UK deliveries from all the depots/members of the Hub system; then each Depot picks up deliveries for their region.

All consignments that are delivered through the Palletways system are tracked via a large Database system, based at the Palletways Hub.

To find out more general information about the Palletways System, go to, or simply click the link below.

Choosing a good transport and logistics company is not an easy task. We know that many people had many problems and bad experiences with these companies. Our job is to make sure that you get what you disserve. You have paid a certain amount of money, and you need to have the best service out there. Our task is to make sure that everything goes according to plan. Some people think that our price is normal and that there is a catch. We are very rational, and the main thing is to make sure that you are a happy client. Every client who is a happy client will come back again. We want to have people who will spread then good word of our services, and there is no one better than our happy clients. Our team of highly trained professionals will do their job.


Keep in mind that we are not the cheapest, but that is not the point. You want quality and speed. You want someone you can trust. Someone who will be there for you in your greatest time of need. We are those who will come right away. Our job is to make sure that every part of your personal belongings or other things is safely transported or stored. Among other things, we will give you the complete analysis of the transport. The cost and of course, the time. These things are the most important factors when choosing a transport company. Choose us, and you will choose quality.


How to choose the right transport company

This is not an easy question. We know that the choice will always be hard and we know that it is not going to be easy. The first step is to always look for a company that has a good feedback and many satisfied clients. If you don’t know where to start, you can always look up on forums that have topics like these. Once you narrow it down, you can visit their websites and make your guesses. The main thing is to always send an email and ask key questions. First of all, the quality of their services. They won’t tell you the truth about the quality as you can probably imagine. You will need to ask a precise description of their services and of course the amount of money they want for their services.

After that, you want to have a pamphlet or a list of their services. It needs to be official. Once you have enough information about their services, you will then, negotiate about the price. It is very important to understand some important things when negotiating. They will usually say that their price is fixed. This is not always true. They will change the price a little bit if they see that you are willing to hire them. But keep in mind that you will have to lower the demand from your side of the bargain. Once you make sure that the price suits you, you need to make sure that you know the price conditions of the contract you will sign.


Next step

Once you have made the deal and once you have accepted the terms, you may give the information about the transport. This should be arranged according to your plans. If they are a serious company, they will have a lot of trucks that can be used for their job. Always choose a company that is big regarding equipment.


Choosing the right company is hard, but choosing the right company is a must.


Transport services

The most important thing for a person who wants to transport some things and personal belongings to a certain destination can get really by a painful thing to do. If you hire a company that is not professional and slow, you will have troubles. Not to mention the money you will lose for hiring people who won’t get the job done. At least they won’t get the job done in the right way. The first thing you need to do when hiring a transport and logistics company is to make sure that they have a good feedback from their clients. The ideal situation would be to choose the company that will provide the best service for the lowest price of course. But don’t be fooled. If you choose the cheapest company, you can bet that their services are not that great. You want a company that is reliable.

A good company that has many years of experience and a company that has experts in their team. The most important part is to always ask for an evaluation of time and price. You need to have some basic information about the amount of time they will take and of course the amount of money you will have to pay. These things are essential for clients. Of course, a professional company will always give you a detailed list of their services, and they will explain the important information about their work and policy. It is very important to choose wisely and never pick the first offer. Although it might seem too good to be true, usually there will always be some hidden costs.

Storage and other services

dockIf you want your things to be taken to a secure location and stored, these companies will usually offer these services to. These services are not expensive, and the important part is that your things and belongings will be preserved from changes in temperature and moisture. This service is very popular since there are many things that people don’t want to throw out. They have a sentimental value to them, or they simply want to use them in the future, but they don’t have the room or enough room to use them. If you are in a situation like this, storage facilities are the right thing.


Logistics and transport companies are probably the best inventions for people who have a lot of things but don’t have enough room. You don’t want to throw out your stuff, and you want to keep it on your property. The best thing to do is to call a company that will provide the service of storage. You will like it. The price is low, and your things will be safe.